Nazriya’s Ante Sundaraniki Movie Review & Ratings

Ante Sundaraniki Movie Review: The movie Ante Sundaraniki, which Nani directed, has been getting a lot of attention as of late. This is because Nani has a habit of trying out new concepts, one of which is Ante Sundaraniki, and making mistakes along the way. On the other hand, Ante Sundaraniki, a movie that was just released today, June 10, 2022, is being praised extremely highly by moviegoers all around the world. First, let’s see how this picture develops to determine whether or not it’s worth our time. Whatever the case may be.

Ante Sundaraniki Movie Review


Nani’s family sees him as the sole heir to a traditional Brahman household, but they harass him with their dogmatic beliefs and antiquated practices nonetheless. Sundar’s relatives advised him that, according to his horoscope, he would never be able to travel to the United States. It was commonly thought that Sundar’s horoscope was full of challenges and obstacles to overcome. In the interim, Sundar connected with the photographer Leela Thomas in order to keep things going smoothly (Nazriya). He has a romantic relationship with Leela. One final inquiry: what prompted you to go to the movie in the first place?

Cast & Crew

  1. Alagan Perumal, Rahul Ramakrishna, and Aruna Bhikshu feature in the film Ante Sundaraniki, which Mythri Movie Makers’ Vivek Athreya directed, Niketh Bommi filmed, and Vivek Sagar composed. Ante Sundaraniki was produced by Mythri Movie Makers. Nani and Nazriya both have roles in the movie that they play.
Movie Name Ante Sundaraniki
Cast Leads Nani, Nazriya, Naresh, Rohini, Nadiya, N. Alagan Perumal, Harshavardhan, Rahul Ramakrishna, Aruna Bhikshu, Tanvi Ram, Srikanth Iyengar, Vinny, Harika and Nomina
Director Vivek Athreya
Producer Mythri Movie Makers.
Written by Vivek Athreya
Music Vivek Sagar
DOP Niketh Bommi

Movie Verdict

Nani’s distinct acting approach can be seen in a variety of film genres, including comedy and action movies. Even though he is now a natural superstar, he was not very excellent as an actor in action movies like “V” and “Tuck Jagadish,” both of which made him famous. Now he’s back with Ante Sundaraniki, a project that he conceived up all on his own and is working on. We can honestly say that we have never before witnessed a movie that is even remotely comparable to this one.

Numerous movies have been made on the topic of marriages between people of different castes, and each one of them has taken the topic very seriously in their treatment of it. On the other hand, this marriage between persons from different socioeconomic backgrounds is treated as little more than a side tale in the book written by Ante Sundaraniki.

The quality of the humour was really high in the first half, and it remained that way in the second half as well. In spite of this, the buildup to the climax becomes emotionally charged as a result of the audience’s surprise, and the conclusion is satisfactory but has room for improvement.

In the film Ante Sundaraniki, Nani gives an outstanding performance as Sundar Prasad, a young brahmin. Because his character comes to life in each movie, there is nothing else that can be said about his performance that hasn’t already been stated. Another famous figure is Leela Thomas, who plays the lead role in the first Telugu episode of Nazriya. Her endearing qualities have been widely-attested, and they may be observed in this movie as well. Nazriya provided her own voice when she portrayed Leela. in addition to Naresh, there is also

A well-known Telugu film screenwriter named Vivek Athreya is currently on board. He is also the captain of the ship. Telugu and the customs associated with it are prominently featured in all of his works, ranging from Mental Madilo to Ante Sundaraniki. On the other hand, in Ante Sundaraniki, he has constructed wonderful charts, and despite the fact that it is impossible to write about all of the important people in the picture, he manages to do so without offending anyone.

The work that Niketh Bommi did on the film’s cinematography is remarkable. Sundar’s reality looks to be friendlier and more colourful when contrasted with Leela’s. The fact that Vivek Sagar incorporates so many different kinds of instruments into his work is another reason why his compositions have a sound all their own. The score that Vivek Athreya composed for the movie was, as usual, very high quality.

In conclusion, Ante Sundaraniki is a humorous and pleasurable read. Going to the movies is a great way to relax and unwind.

Movie Rating: 3.5/ 5

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