Sivakarthikeyan’s Don Telugu Dubbed Movie Review & Ratings

Don Telugu Dubbed Movie Review: Sivakarthikeyan is one of the most talented actors working in Tamil films, yet he does not receive nearly enough credit for his work. The doctor’s achievements in Telugu contributed to his growing notoriety and popularity. With a great deal of self-assurance, he directed the comedy-action flick, Don. The Telugu premiere of Don, a highly-anticipated Tamil film, took place on May 13, 2022, and was met with accolades from film critics and a generally positive response from moviegoers. Let’s examine Don to determine whether or not you ought to waste your time on it.

Don Telugu Dubbed Movie Review


The film Don is about the experience of being a college student. Don (Sivakarthikeyan), a laid-back college student who doesn’t take things too seriously, was persuaded by his father that education was the only way to get ahead in life. Despite this, Don doesn’t take school very seriously. On the other hand, he is not interested in going to school and instead is on a mission to discover and make the most of his unique abilities. In the meantime, the difficulties that the pupils are experiencing are making life difficult for the teachers and the principal. But things take a bizarre and unexpected turn when one of his buddies passes away. Is there even a remote possibility that he’ll realize how talented he is? The remainder of the story focuses on the events that took place after his companion passed away.

Cast & Crew

Don is the name of a film that was directed by Cibi Chakaravarthi. All of these actors were a part of it: Sivakarthikeyan, Priyanka Mohan, SJ Suryah, Samuthirakani, and Soori. Both Subaskaran and Sivakarthikeyan were involved in the production of the film, which was a collaborative effort between Lyca Productions and Sivakarthikeyan Productions. K.M. Bhaskaran was not just the film’s composer but also its director.

MovieName Don
Cast Leads Sivakarthikeyan, Priyanka Mohan, SJ Suryah, Samuthirakani, Soori
Director Cibi Chakaravarthi
Producer Subaskaran & Sivakarthikeyan
Written by Cibi Chakaravarthi
Music Anirudh
DOP K.M Bhaskaran

Movie Verdict

Sivakarthikeyan is not only a performer in the movie, but he is also one of the film’s producers and composers. The storyline of Don is not original, but the comedy is what sets it apart from other films with a collegiate setting and subject matter. After laughing for more than two and a half hours, you certainly would not have been exhausted. Aside from that, the director does a lousy job of giving any actual feelings to the characters in this movie.
In spite of the fact that it got off to a strong start, the movie swiftly devolved into a generic collegiate drama after approximately 15 minutes had passed. Director Cibi Chakaravarthi discussed one of the most essential aspects of coming to terms with oneself, which is the realization that many individuals live their lives for other people rather than for themselves. This concept resonated strongly with a significant number of younger individuals.
If Don and Principal hadn’t started playing “cat and mouse” in the second half of the episode, the conclusion could have been more satisfying.
The rest of the cast has also done an excellent job, and Soori has done an outstanding job. Priyanka Arul Mohan is adorable, but she hasn’t been given an opportunity to shine in this role. Even though Sivakarthikeyan did an excellent job, we were rendered dumbfounded by SJ Suryah’s performance in the role of Principle.
Sivakathikeyan and Anirudh have wonderful chemistry together, which helps make up for the fact that K.M. Bhaskaran’s photography in the film isn’t very good. The remaining members of the technical team have also done an excellent job.
On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend that young people watch the movie Don more than once.

Movie Rating: 3/5

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