Kinnerasani Movie Review & Ratings

Kinnerasani Movie Review: Kinnerasani, starring Kalyan Dev, will debut on Zee5 on June 10. The film was designed for theatres, but the makers picked Zee5. Despite the filmmakers’ efforts, no one seems to understand Kinnerasani. Determine Kinnerasani’s details.

Kinnerasani Movie Review


Jayadev penned Kinnerasani (Ravindra Vijay). Veda (Ann Sheetal) finds a book that unlocks her past, present, and future. Venkat (Kalyan Dev), a lawyer, is also investigating his lover’s murder. Venkat helps Veda shield them from future uncertainty.

Cast & Crew

Kalyan Dev, Ann Sheetal, and a youthful Ravindra Vijay star. Appaji, Lavanya Reddy, and Shan star in Kinnerasani. Dinesh K. Babu directed the film, Mahati Swara Sagar composed the music, and Rajani Thalluri and Ravi Chintala produced under Subham Entertainments.

MovieName Kinnerasani
Cast Leads Kalyan Dev, Ann Sheetal, Ravindra Vijay, Back Star Shan, Satya Prakash, Sreya Tyagi, Appaji, Lavanya Reddy, Sanvith
Director Ramana Teja
Producer Rajani Thalluri, Ravi Chintala
Written by Sai Tej Deshraj
Music Mahati Swara Sagar
DOP Dinesh K Babu

Movie Verdict

Why didn’t Kinnerasani hit theatres? It deserves a bigger audience. The film maintains tension throughout. The plot progresses quickly until intermission. The second portion of the film lacks energy due to unnecessary flashbacks. The film’s climax should have been better, but it gets better after the pre-climax. Kalyan Dev is a phenomenal actor. He must work hard to improve his acting. Ravindra Vijay’s portrayal of Jayadev comes close to matching Ramana Teja’s. The cast was strong overall.
Although Ramana Teja could have executed the premise better, the tension and narrative kept the audience engaged.
Dinesh K Babu’s cinematography was superior, but Mahati Swara Sagar’s score and the rest of the crew were fantastic.
The intriguing mystery thriller Kinnerasani. Zee5 features suspense thrillers.

Movie Rating: 3/ 5

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