Mammootty’s Puzhu Telugu Dubbed Movie Review & Ratings

Mammootty’s Puzhu Telugu Dubbed Movie: Puzhu, the Mammootty film that has been eagerly anticipated for a long time, is finally accessible on SonyLiv. Despite the fact that Mammootty has been in a number of movies, the promotional video for the film “Puzhu” has garnered a lot of attention. Since the beginning of his career, Mammootty has focused his attention on creating experimental films. I have a feeling that the experimental film Puzhu will end up being one of the most memorable. Let’s get straight to it and conduct some in-depth research on Puzhu to figure out whether or not it’s worth your time.

Mammootty's Puzhu Telugu Dubbed Movie


The tale of Puzhu depicts the dynamic between a controlling parent and his mentally ill child through the lens of their relationship. On the other hand, he is currently engaged in the investigation of a case that will have a significant impact on his own life.

Cast & Crew

Puzhu was directed by Rathneena, who worked with Theni Eswar and Jakes Bejoy on the film’s camera and soundtrack, respectively. S. George is the creator of it, and SonyLiv is assisting in spreading the news about it to as many people as possible.

MovieName Puzhu
Cast Leads Mammootty and Parvathy Thiruvothu
Director Ratheena
Producer S George
Written by Harshad
Music Jakes Bejoy
DOP Theni Eswar

Movie Verdict

Puzhu is distinguished from other works both by Ratheena’s artistry and by the singular manner in which the story is delivered. Despite the fact that the movie is about doing something bad, it’s possible for relationships to shift in any circumstance. The narrative of Puzhu is written from the first-person perspective of a man’s life, focusing on both his personal and professional endeavors.
Puzhu follows the typical methodical pace of Malayalam films, therefore you shouldn’t expect any difference from it. The film’s compelling characters and tragic plot, on the other hand, retained your attention throughout its entirety. The movie marks the first time that Mammootty and Parvathy have collaborated on a project. The movie is carried by their on-screen chemistry more than anything else.
Both as a severe parent and as a covert operative, Mammootty was very good at what she did. She has never let Parvathy down, and her assistance in this matter was not an exception this time.
Ratheena did an excellent job, in the story Puzhu, which is widely regarded as one of the best-written stories to have been published in recent years, of demonstrating how children who are subjected to overly rigorous parenting can develop mental health issues.
Although Jakes Bejoy’s score is an essential component of the film, Theni Eswar’s use of shadowy photography and extreme close-ups is what really draws you into the world of Puzhu. The score by Jakes Bejoy for the film’s background score contributes to the film’s overall intensity.
To conclude, Puzhu is an excellent film that is more difficult to describe than it is to go through the experience of watching it. You would adore the film if you see it on SonyLiv with Telugu subtitles, which is where you can find it.

Movie Rating: 3.5/ 5

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