Mishan Impossible Telugu Movie Review & Ratings

Mishan Impossible Telugu Movie Review: Following the success of RRR, films like Mishan Impossible, starring Tapsee Pannu in a pivotal role and opening to positive reviews today, have been delayed, and now it’s time for medium-budget films like this one. RSJ Swaroop, the director of Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya, was expected to build on the success of his previous film. Swaroop’s response, on the other hand, was enticing.

Mishan Impossible Telugu Movie ReviewBecause of the devotion of Telugu fans to their idols, it is uncommon to see a Telugu film without a central hero. RSJ Mishan Swarop He was confident that it would be well-received by its audience because of its unusual cast. We’ll have to see if the whole thing is worth watching if he’s right…


Taapsee is a journalist on a mission to apprehend India’s most wanted criminal, Dawood Ibrahim. She’ll be able to accomplish this goal with the help of talented men, and she meets three film fans who idolize the Telugu filmmaker. Finally, how did Tapsee end up in such a predicament? Will she be able to achieve her objective? The remaining portion of the story delves into the motivations of the three young men tasked with tracking down Dawood Ibrahim.

Mishan Impossible Cast & Crew

Mishan Impossible, directed by Swaroop RSJ, stars Taapsee Pannu and other actors. The film was directed by Deepak Yeragara, and the music was composed by Mark K Robin. Niranjan Reddy and Anvesdh Reddy produced the film under the Matinee Entertainment and PA Entertainment banners. Swaroop RSJ was the director of the film.

MovieName Mishan Impossible
Cast Leads Taapsee Pannu, Harsh Roshan, Bhanu Prakashan, Jayateertha Molugu & Others
Director Swaroop RSJ 
Producer Niranjan Reddy
Written by Swaroop RSJ 
Music Mark K Robin
DOP Deepak Yeragra

Movie Verdict

Swaroop RSJ’s debut film, Agent Athreya, demonstrates his ability to handle thrillers while maintaining comic timing, which is a difficult task when making thrillers. He does it with ease.
Mishaan Impossible, on the other hand, I think is fantastic. a well-crafted and well-executed film with a compelling story The story picks up within 10 minutes, starting with character introductions, which was beneficial to the film because he didn’t spend much time doing so.

The film’s hangover appears to be lingering in Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya, which contains both serious and comedic elements. Regardless, we never get bored watching the movie. The antics of the three young actors will have you laughing out loud in many scenes.
The film takes a turn for the better when this trio meets Taapsee.

On the screen, director Swaroop RSJ did an excellent job, as making a film with children necessitates a great deal of patience and planning, which he handled with ease. I hope he keeps making films like this.

This is, in my opinion, Taapsee Pannu’s perfect comeback; she always chooses her roles carefully, and this is her best Telugu character to date. With their comic timing and performances, Harsh Roshan, Bhanu Prakashan, and Jayateertha Molugu captivated the audience in many scenes, and the rest of the cast gave it they’re all.

One of the film’s highlights is the soundtrack. One of Telugu cinema’s best-kept secrets is Mark K Robin’s work as a music director. He used sounds that had never been heard before in Telugu in this film, which helped it stand out. Deepak Yeragara’s cinematography and background score were fantastic, and the rest of the technical crew did a fantastic job as well.

Finally, Mishan Impossible is a must-see adventure comedy thriller that will have you laughing, screaming, and gasping. To see it for yourself, go to your local movie theatre.

Movie Rating: 3/ 5

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