MAA Movie Artists Association Wikipedia: Elections, President

Movie Artists Association Wikipedia: Formed in the beginning of 1990’s, the group has a charitable trust fund to provide pensions to retired actors, voice support for actors caught in controversy, and have collectively protested socio-political issues.

movie artists association wiki

If an actor wants to become a member of the MAA association he or she should have done more than 5 films. As of 2021 the association has more than 900 active members. Check out the MAA Movie Artists Association Wiki, MAA Association president list wikipedia, MAA President list year wise, MAA Association Founder telugu and more.

MAA Movie Artists Association Wikipedia: Elections, President & More

MAA Association President List
01. Chiranjeevi (Founding President)
02. Murali Mohan
03. Murali Mohan
04. Murali Mohan
05. Murali Mohan
06. Murali Mohan
07. Murali Mohan
08. Mohan Babu
09. Nagarjuna
10. Naga Babu

MAA Association Membership benefits

The artist who is the member of MAA Movie Artists Association will have many benefits. The benefits are as follows.

  • Health Insurance for Every Artist
  • Monthly pension for every Artist
  • ESI and Health Cards for every artiste
  • Eligible artistes can realize their dream of building their own house
  • Tie-ups with several hospitals and Companies for availing discounts and concessions in the Fee

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