Nallamala Movie Review & Ratings

Nallamala Movie Review: With Amit Tiwari and Bhanu in the movie, Nallamala is an action movie about two people who fight each other in a fight. On March 18, 2022, which was a small-film release day, Nallamala was shown in theatres for the first time. Many short films were made after Nallamla, which was a big hit. The cast and crew are all excited about the movie. The movie is worth your time, so stay tuned.

Nallamala Movie Review

What’s the Story of the Nallamala Movie

People in the city believe that the world can be better off because of the Nallamala forest, where the story takes place. Nallamala (Amit Tiwari), a forest guard, has to move their illegal animal skins, but the events show that his goal is revenge. Because the rest of the storey will show you why this man is so angry.

Cast & Crew of Nallamala Movie

The movie Nallamala, which was made by Ravi Charan and directed by him, stars Amit Tiwari and Bhanu Sri. R.M., the owner of Madhura Audio, made and directed the film, and PR wrote the score.

MovieName Nallamala
Cast Leads Amit Tiwari, Bhanu Sri, Nassar, Tanikella Bharani, Ajay Ghosh, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Shavar Ali, Chatrapati Shekhar, Kasi Vishwanath, Chalaki Chanti, Mukku Avinash
Director Ravi Charan
Producer R.M
Written by Ravi Charan
Music PR
DOP Venu Murali 

Movie Verdict

As a result of the bad dubbing and a bad plot and a weak protagonist conflict, many people didn’t even bother to see this film. The film’s star Amit Tiwari, who did not voice himself in the movie, was also a big turn-off.
It doesn’t matter how little money the movie has. Amit Tiwari, the rest of the cast, and the production values are all impressive.
As long as you have nothing else to do.

Movie Rating: 3/ 5

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