Radhey Shyam Movie Review & Ratings

Radhey Shyam Movie Review: Radhey Shyam, a much-anticipated film for not only Prabhas fans but all moviegoers, is finally released today, March 11, 2022, following multiple postponements. Everyone was enchanted after watching the video. Radhey Shyam is a film with an original concept never previously seen in Indian cinema, as well as visual brilliance and outstanding performances.

Radhey Shyam Movie Review
The film is not only a historical epic love storey, but it also has several levels, which the director Radha Krishna brilliantly highlights, and the picture is built in three layers. Every layer is unique, a celebration of love and life, a battle between fate and destiny, and a final link between myth and old astrological science.
The picture is provoking spellbound reactions from audiences all over the world, so let’s see how it turned out and whether it’s worth seeing.

What’s the story of Radhey Shyam

The storey is set in Italy in the 1970s, when Vikram Adithya (Prabhas), popularly known as the ‘Palmist,’ has the ability to predict the future, and many prominent politicians, celebrities, and business leaders seek his advice. He fell in love, though, with Prerana (Pooja Hegde), an Italian doctor. Prerana too grew in love with Vikaram Aditya over time, but her fate had something incredible in store for her, which Vikram Aditya knew because he could anticipate how Prerana would die. Will Vikaram Aaditya be able to save her life? Will love triumph over fate in the remaining chapters of the storey?

Radhey Shyam Movie Cast & Crew

Radhey Shyam is a film directed by Radha Krishna, who previously directed Jill. It stars Prabhas and Pooja Hegde, as well as Murali Sharma, Bhagya Shree, Priyadarshi, Krishnam Raju Jagapathi Babu, Sachin Khedkar, Ajay, and others. S.S Thaman composed the music, and Vamsi and Pramod produced the film.

MovieName Radhey Shyam 
Cast Leads Prabhas, Pooja Hegde, Murali Sharma, Bhagya Shree, Jagapathi Babu, Sachin Khedkar, Priyadarshi, Krishnam Raju, Ajay 
Director Radha Krishna Kumar
Producer Vamsi and Pramod
Written by Radha Krishna Kumar
Music S.S Thaman 
DOP Manoj Paramahamsa

Movie Review

Radhey Shyam is a beautiful feast to behold in the theatre, and the film has nothing negative to say about it, owing to director Radha Krishna Kumar’s excellent narrative in balancing Prabhas’ popularity. Pooja Hegde as Prerana has done well and her role has been nicely written, and her character is the heart of the film. Prabhas has done a terrific job as Vikram Aditya, he has really nailed it and after a long gap, we have seen him in total lover boy persona.

Manoj Paramahamsa did an excellent job of recreating 1970s Europe places, and compliments to the art department for creating such magnificent sets, and music director SS. Thaman for elevating the picture to new heights.

The conclusion of Radhey Shyam will blow your head, as the filmmaker mentioned in the interview, and he is correct.
Finally, Radhey Shyam is a film that deserves to be seen for a multitude of reasons; go see it; you will not be disappointed.

Movie Rating: 4/ 5

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