Rains in Hyderabad Can Submerge The City If Continues for 17 Days

A study on Hyderabad rains revealed some of the unbelievable facts. The case study says that extreme rainfall for a period of 17 days can cause half of Hyderabad to submerge. The study was conducted by the students of BITS Pilani Hyderabad on ‘Urban flood risk analysis of buildings’. The case study has revealed that in an event of extreme rainfall of 440.35mm, for over a period of 17 days, can cause 334 sq km of the GHMC limits to submerge under water. At present the total area limit of GHMC is about 625 sq kms, which implies that more than half of the city will be submerged If the climate goes unpredictable.

Rains in Hyderabad Can Submerge The City If Continues for 17 Days

Rains in Hyderabad Can Submerge The City If Continues for 17 days, says study

This is not the first time, earlier many studies haves revealed the same. We all know Hyderabad has the worst drainage system mainly in the down side areas. In the recent times sudden rains in Hyderabad have caused a lot of damage to the Roads, Houses and Families. GHMC is continuously involved in checking the drainage’s to allow the water to flow into the down stream areas. However, the unexpected rains in the city of Hyderabad causing a lot of damage. The latest case study by the BITS Pilani Hyderabad groups also depicts the same.

How the Study was Conducted?

The study was conducted based on a hydraulic model. The Hydrologic Engineering Center’s-River Analysis System 2D (HEC-RAS 2D) was applied for two-dimensional flood modelling to estimate the submerged areas, the flood depth, and building risk for extreme events.


The study was conducted to assess the flood depth, building risk analysis and the effectiveness of various flood adaptation strategies to attenuate building risk caused by urban floods in a climate change scenario.


This environmental case study has suggested flood proofing as one of the strategical ideas to tackle the upcoming disasters. The capital investment required for flood proofing has been calculated as Rs 3,740 × 107 and Rs 3,800 × 107 to achieve the ideal situation of no risk for all buildings.

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