List of Telugu Actors As Aghora in Movies

List of Telugu Actors As Aghora in Movies: Aghora are a small group of ascetic Shaiva sadhus based in various parts of India. The don’e follow any rules except the Hindu god Lord Shiva. They said to be living in their own world without food and water for many days. These characteristics of Aghora have inspired Telugu film industry as well. Tollywood stars have portrayed Aghora characters in many of the movies. Some of the popular Aghora characters on the big screen are as follows.

Telugu Actors As Aghora in Movies

#1 Balakrishna in Akhanda

Balakrishna is playing the role of Aghora in the movie Akhanda which is releasing in December 2021. Already released character teaser created a lot of hype not only in the audience but also in the industry. Fans are eager to see how Boyapati portrayed Balayya as Aghora in the film.

#2 Vishwak Sen in Gaami

Tollywood filmmaker Vidyadhar’s Gami movie teaser has been released recently. Vishwak Sen plays the hero. He is playing the role of Aghora character in the film.

#3 Chiranjeevi in Manjunatha

Megastar Chiranjeevi appeared in the role of Aghora in the special appearance in the film Sri Manjunatha. Chiranjeevi Aghora character is the turning point in the film.

#4 Nagarjuna in Damarukam

Tollywood king Nagarjuna also appears as Aghora in the movie Dhamarakam for a few minutes. Directed by Srinivas Reddy, the film is primarily about God and Beliefs.

#5 Venkatesh in Nagavalli

Victory Venkatesh has played the Aghora character in the movie Nagavalli. Also, we can see the fight between Aghora Venkatesh and the main lead role played by Venkatesh.

#6 Sonu Sood in Arundhati

The most unforgettable Aghora character in this list is Sonu Sood character from Arundhathi. Sonu Sood has played the character of Pashupati in the film. With the dialogues and performance, Sonu Sood has gave life to the character of Aghora. After that the Sonu range in Telugu increased further.

#7 Arya in Nene Devunni

Arya has played the full length Aghora character in the Telugu dubbed movie “Nene Devunni”. The movie is directed by popular Tamil filmmaker Bala.

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