Zombie Reddy TRP Rating 2021 | Delivered 9.7 TRP 1st Time

Zombie Reddy TRP Rating 2021: The first ever zombie horror movie in Telugu is “Zombie Reddy (2021)”. The movie is declared as a Box Office Hit during the lockdown. Zombie Reddy comes with a decent comedy and engaging story-line. The VFX work, Makeup, and costumes of the film taken the movie to another level. The first Zombie movie from our Tollywood Zombie Reddy has delivered 8.1 TRP in it’s second Telecast on Star Maa TV after getting 9.7 TRP on its first time.

zombie reddy trp rating

Star Maa was reportedly acquired the Satellite rights of Zombie Reddy for a whopping price. The movie was premiered on Star Maa for more than 5 times and delivered exceptional TRP ratings every time. The first time premier of Zombie Reddy has recorded 9.7 TRP and the second time telecast has registered 8.1 TRP.

Zombie Reddy TRP Rating 2021 | Last 10 TRP Ratings

We all know Zombie Reddy is one of the most entertaining and successful film during the lockdown. The movie has delivered good TRP ratings every time when it telecast on Star Maa TV channel. If you are searching for Zombie Reddy TRP Rating then take a look into the below table. You will find the last 10 TRP ratings of Zombie Reddy when it was premiered on Star Maa TV.

Zombie Reddy TRP Rating 2021

During the Lockdown, only a few films have been released into Theaters and become successful. Zombie Reddy is one such film that has garnered a huge audience attention. The movie Zombie Reddy has delivered excellent TV ratings in its first and second premiers on Star Maa. Here is the Zombie Reddy TRP Rating list.

Telecast No TRP Rating
1st Time 9.7 TRP
2nd Time 8.1 TRP
3rd Time 7.42 TRP
4th Time 2.62 TRP
5th Time 5.53 TRP
6th Time
7th Time
8th Time
9th Time
10th Time

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